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Is there is a difference in pet food

Pet food: Is there really a difference?

If you are currently feeding an over the counter brand, changing to a premium diet can make a big difference in your pets overall appearance and energy level. Look for increased brightness of the eyes, increased energy level, improved coat quality, and lower stool volume.

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Pet Therapy Can Combat Homesickness

Pet Therapy Can Combat Homesickness

“In the study, 44 first-year university students who self-identified as homesick were given a survey to measure levels of homesickness, satisfaction with life and connectedness with campus. Half of the students completed eight weeks of dog therapy, while the other half were informed that their sessions would begin in eight weeks’ time. Dog therapy included 45-minute weekly sessions involving small group interactions with the dogs and handlers, and engagement with other first-year students participating in the study.”

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Does My Pet Need Probiotics?

“Once I knew what I was looking for I went on the search. Unfortunately, at the time I couldn’t find any companies that offered digestive enzymes and prebiotics for pets but I found a company named Pet Medicine Chest that sold a variety of handmade herbal concoctions, vitamins and probiotics.”

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Aquarium fish

Phosphates: The Pollution Question

Nearly all nutrients such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates contain phosphates, because of this a certain amount of phosphates is impossible to avoid, yet necessary for health. Even so, the phosphate level in an aquarium should never exceed 1.5%.

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Five Couples Who Met Because of Their Pets

Dr. Dave Popple used to visit a large car lot after hours to let his Pomeranian dog Maxx run around while Dave checked out the cars. He mentioned this to a fellow student named Jody who lived nearby and she started joining him. “Maxx would be gone for 10 to 15 minutes and then run back to find me. This created an interesting rhythm for me and Jody to focus on getting to know each other,” Dave says.

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