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You wanna a bird

So You Think You May Want A Bird…

OK, so what do you need to know before getting a bird? First, what is more important, a talking bird or an affectionate bird? Colorful or not? How much time can you spend on a daily basis with your new companion?

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Is there is a difference in pet food

Pet food: Is there really a difference?

If you are currently feeding an over the counter brand, changing to a premium diet can make a big difference in your pets overall appearance and energy level. Look for increased brightness of the eyes, increased energy level, improved coat quality, and lower stool volume.

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Dog on Boat

So, You Want to Take Your Dog Boating

The first priority of a responsible dog owner should be the safety and well being of their dog. To keep your dog safe, you need to know your pet: Does he like water? Is he afraid of noise? Does he listen to you?

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Are You Alpha Over Your Dog 2

Are You Alpha over your dog?

If your dog thinks he is ALPHA, you are in trouble and it’s only a matter of time. Accidents, aggression, unruliness, challenges by your pooch, they are all coming if you are not the leader!

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