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Bird Nutrition, Getting It Right, FI

Bird Nutrition: Getting It Right.

“The most common diet that people find in stores is a ‘bird seed mix.’ Unfortunately, seed diets are just not an adequate source of nutrients. These can be high in fat and deficient in many nutrients such as vitamin A, calcium, and often protein.”

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You wanna a bird

So You Think You May Want A Bird…

OK, so what do you need to know before getting a bird? First, what is more important, a talking bird or an affectionate bird? Colorful or not? How much time can you spend on a daily basis with your new companion?

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Is there is a difference in pet food

Pet food: Is there really a difference?

If you are currently feeding an over the counter brand, changing to a premium diet can make a big difference in your pets overall appearance and energy level. Look for increased brightness of the eyes, increased energy level, improved coat quality, and lower stool volume.

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Dog on Boat

So, You Want to Take Your Dog Boating

The first priority of a responsible dog owner should be the safety and well being of their dog. To keep your dog safe, you need to know your pet: Does he like water? Is he afraid of noise? Does he listen to you?

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