Deerfield Beach, FL

Barktoberfest at Quiet Parks Park

Barktoberfest at Quiet Waters Park

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October 7, 2018

Barktoberfest at Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach, FL was a really fun event for all the dogs that showed up! They really had a great time running and splashing through the water.

This venue was similar to the Waggin at the Waterpark venue but this one was quite a bit smaller. No big pool here, just a splash pool. No matter the size, the dogs made the most of it and had a splashing good time, LOL. 

Watching the dogs chase each other and play in the water is really quite a lot of fun. It’s so interesting to watch their different personalities. Some of the dogs are timid and aren’t real sure about the other dogs, and some dogs come right in and are ready to make friends. It’s fun to watch their different personalities at work and see them interact with each other. 

The one thing I really love about dogs is once they get in the water, everyone is friend to be chased and played with. No judgments, no discrimination, male, female, it really just doesn’t matter…everyone is a friend! We humans could learn a lot!

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