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Getting dismal results from your online marketing? With Pet Junction printing four times a year, reaching your niche just got a whole lot easier! Advertise in Pet Junction and reach thousands of pet owners right in your area! Contact us today for advertising information.

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Does your competition always seem to have the upper hand? Do this instead!

Today’s competitive advertising market leaves business owners just like you dazed and confused. Where there used to be just one advertising avenue, now there are 100. It’s easy to get lost in a maze of clicks and views but do they convert to sales? Did you know print advertising is still the King at building trust with potential clients? So don’t worry, if you own a pet or pet-related business, we can help!

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Some of the Benefits of Advertising with Pet Junction:

  • Pet Junction’s loyal readership and website users = a great advertising response.
  • As a niche, community publication, Pet Junction has the readership that your business is looking for! Our readers treat their pets like children and those are the types of customers you want!
  • Our millennial and baby boomer readers boast household incomes of $95,000 to $350,000 per year, leaving plenty of disposable income to spend on your services or products!
  • With 80% of our readers owning dogs, 13% owning birds and 19% owning cats, you can rest assured you are reaching the demographic your business is looking for.
  • When you advertise in Pet Junction Magazine, your brand builds trust with future clients.
  • Pet Junction magazine publishes 20,000 copies each quarter so your ad is always fresh and always relevant, but best of all … it is always in front of THE CUSTOMERS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!
  • Affordable Advertising in our community print edition four times per year and on our website and mobile app.
  • Southeast Florida’s only multimedia platform for pet owners.
  • Our readers love the convenient pocket size that’s great for on the go, and our responsive website makes mobile users extremely happy!
  • Pet owners appreciate our imperative and timely pet information which ensure users will hold onto Pet Junction through the life of the issue, pass the issue along to other pet owners and come back to our website often.
  • Vast distribution both inside and outside the local pet community – from veterinarians and groomers to bars and restaurants.
  • Synergistic print and web presence.
  • We sponsor and attend local pet events from the South Florida Pet Expo to the local Animal Adoption Fair.

From the small local pet shop owner to the large national brands…

We work with our advertisers to ensure the largest exposure in the immense pet market of South Florida. Over 20 years of experience in the local, niche publication business has taught us what it takes to ensure the best response for our advertisers. Our love for our community and our pets is reflected in our premium print publication, website, and mobile app. With full-color printing and a compact format, Pet Junction is THE perfect companion for every pet owner. Publishing four times per year keeps your pet or pet-related business fresh in the minds of our readers. Our website is top-notch, easy to navigate and offers additional, unparalleled exposure for your pet or pet-related business.

“Can I take two? I have a friend that would love this!” is a sentiment we hear time and time again at every event we attend!

We offer affordable advertising for every budget and business.

For additional information contact Shelly Allen at 954-815-3220 or email: advertise@petjunction411.com.