Doxie Dash and Dog Event

7th Annual Dachstoberfest

7th Annual Dachstoberfest Doxie Dash and Dog Event

October 21, 2018


The 7th Annual Dachstoberfest was quite a hit and from what we could tell…everyone had a really great time! If you’ve never been to Dachstoberfest, boy are you missing out. Those little wieners really love to run!

When we arrived the racing had already begun. Each heat of dogs were placed into their starting boxes and waited for the lever to lift.  Once the door was open, they took off down the stretch…well, most of them. Some of the dogs were like, “Hm, what’s this over here?”

It was a lot of fun to watch dachshunds race you could tell their human companions really enjoyed it as well! It was a fun event and we had a great time talking to folks and taking pictures of everyone.

If you missed it, stay tuned to Pet Junction for next year’s date and information. If you’re looking for more dog events, hit up our event calendar by clicking here.