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Using Treats for Training

Using Treats for Training

…if we allow dogs to take food from our hand it’s harder to make them understand when it’s not okay to take food from us or from someone else. Problems can occur. What happens when that young child walks by with an ice cream cone or some other enticing morsel?

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Rainbow Bridge

Maybe There Really is a Rainbow Bridge

“As the days passed and we lived our lives, Carmy grew older. Sometimes missing the side of the litter box all together and peeing on the floor from inside the box. She was so good, she always got herself into that box …”

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Why you should talk to your dog cover

Why You Should Talk To Your Dog

This first experiment revealed that the dogs strongly preferred humans who had addressed them using dog-directed speech. However, there was the possibility that it was simply the emotional tone that appealed to the dogs and that the content didn’t have anything to do with their preference.

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Pet Junction

Our Mission

Since 2011, our mission has been to keep pets and their people together by building a community where pet owners can find information, products, services and businesses that serve to protect the companion animal/human bond.

Along with businesses eager to serve you, you’ll find events for dog and cat lovers, dog friendly beaches and dog parks, pet friendly apartments for dog and cat owners, dog friendly restaurants, plus, rescue groups for dogs, cats, parrots, exotic animals, even horses! There’s so much to love about Pet Junction, we hope you will love it as much as we do!

Pet Junction is your one stop resource for everything pets so take a minute to join our community and talk to like minded pet owners today! CLICK TO JOIN.

Pet Junction is made possible through our advertisers and people like you! When you use our advertisers and let them know you saw them in Pet Junction AND/OR place memorials/tributes or buy apparel, you help us provide the community with a dynamic pet resource. If you love Pet Junction, your support is critically important to our mission! Thank you for your support! 

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